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We Build Custom Algo-Trading Strategies For The Trader In You!

A community for collaboration and mentorship for algorithmic trading, including development, monitoring and optimization of automated trading systems.


Why it is important for you to know about us?

We at UOT are trying to bring a change to trading ecosystem. We are here to build Passive wealth and create finest trading community. Our present offerings include passive wealth generation through our Wealth management system and Algo Trading strategies.


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UOT Option Buying Pro
UOT Option Buying Pro

Our Bank Nifty trading strategy captures trends and scalps with advanced indicators, maximizing success and capturing big market moves.

UOT Index Options
UOT Index Options

With Straddle and strangle strategies, our proprietary software logic and custom parameters enhance performance with trailing stop loss orders for optimized returns.

Delta Neutral System
Delta Neutral System

Our conservative options trading approach utilizes option greeks and time value to maintain a neutral delta, ensuring a balanced strategy.

Our Products

90% of the traders lose 90% of their capital in first 90 days in market. Our custom built and backtested Algo strategies follow strict risk management and gives consistent gains to built Passive source of Income.

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Multiple Payment Options


Strategies that feels like they’re from the future

Fully automated execution

Our curated strategies will be executed completely via customized applications for reducing any human errors.

Custom Application

An all-in-one customized application will be used to helps you balance everything you need to be profitable.

Custom Management

Get your Algo managed completely by us (additional Charges apply)

I have been associated with UOT for a year, and I had one word for Saai- Trust. He made my trading journey simple and effortless. Now, I do not worry about my losses because his back tested system is well designed to control my losses and maximize my profits.


This algo trading software has been a game changer for me! With its built-in strategies and advanced technology, I have been able to make a consistent passive income and the team is always available to help. Highly recommended!


As a beginner trader, I was confused by the complexity of trading. But UOT algo software has simplified the process and made it easy for me to get started. Overall, a great product and service. Thank you team.


I was initially hesitant to use UOT algo trading software, but this product has completely changed my mind. The strategies are well made and the software is constantly updated to stay ahead of market trends. To make money with UOT algo, one just needs to keep patience and follow rules.


What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask everything you need to know about our products and services.

  • Algo trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is a method of executing trades using pre-programmed computer algorithms. These algorithms are designed to follow specific rules and instructions that determine when and how trades are executed. In algo trading, traders use computer programs to automatically execute trades based on certain criteria, such as price, volume, or other technical indicators. These programs are typically designed to react quickly to changes in the market and make trades without human intervention.

  • Its a subscription based model. Broker side changes will be on a different cost basis. Bug fixes are free of cost.

  • Yes, you can verify the logic of strategy in paper trade mode first and once it’s working as per your expectation, you can take it to live. In paper trade, it will not place orders in the broker. It will generate an order book and show live PNL. It will be similar to live trading except that orders won’t be placed in the broker.

  • Yes, You will need to run the algo every day.

  • Yes, we will be giving a discount if you open the a/c with us.

  • You will get desktop-based software which you can install on any windows based cloud machine. So you don’t need to keep the system ON for the whole day. Internet and electricity issues won’t affect the algo. For configurations of your strategies, Laptop/PC will be required. After that, you can start and stop Algo every day from Mobile as well.

  • It is recommended to observe the execution by Algo every 30 minutes to 1 hour  whichever is possible. Algo will reduce your work to a great extent but you should never keep it unobserved. It’s dealing with your capital so any technical glitch from the Broker side/Exchange side can cause problems.

  • Charges will depend upon the complexity of the strategy, strategy, no of rules, and time involved in development.  Once you share details over email, we will give you the exact estimate and timeline.

  • Full payment in advance needs to be made to avail the services. No refunds will be provided in any circumstances.

Delta Adjustment Software

Cutting-edge strategies for maximizing your chances of profitable trade

90% of the traders lose 90% of their capital in first 90 days in market. Our custom built and backtested Algo strategies follow strict risk management and gives consistent gains to built Passive source of Income.

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