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Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Terms

As mentioned in the Functional Quotation.

2. Product delivery

The development company (DC) will deliver the final compiled software (EXE/DLL file) to the Client. Issues with any third-party system, tools, hardware, networks, and/or market data are not the responsibility of the DC and will not constitute successful delivery.

3. Maintenance definition

It would include only troubleshooting/bugs in the delivered system. Any additions, modifications, tweaks, or improvements in the agreed scope will entail additional costs. DC will provide cost estimates for any such requirement to the Client for approval.

4. Bug reporting

All bugs should be shared by the Client by email, with all the information as per the bug reporting format. The client will also provide necessary access to software logs.

5. Live production support

It is NOT included. If you would like to avail of this service, please email us at

6. Cost

It is on a net payable basis. Taxes, third-party charges, and government levies (if any) are extra and payable by the Client. The costing shared is an estimate based on the requirements shared. It may be subject to change after a detailed discussion with the tech team. The revised costing, if any, will be sent to the client for approval before the commencement of the project.

7. Payment delays

In case of delays in payment by the Client beyond 5 working days from the DC email, then the Client will pay delay charges at 18% p.a. on the total project cost.

8. Incidental charges

Broker API charges, hardware costs, and all other incidental charges will be borne by the Client throughout the development as well as production lifecycles.

9. Financial Indemnity

The DC does not bear any financial responsibility for the performance of the system. The Client indemnifies the DC against all claims.

10. Confidentiality

DC may sign an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement with the Client. The DC would agree to non-disclosure of any client logic or intellectual property. Further, the DC agrees not to re-use, re-package or re-distribute the client’s algorithm to any other client. The Client would agree to non-disclosure of any financial terms of this contract. Legal expenses (if any) are to be borne by the Client.

11. Exchange Approval Process

This is the sole responsibility of the Client and their Broker. However, DC can assist the Broker with the process (if required).

12. Instances

Costing provided is for delivery of one instance only, unless otherwise specified. Any additional instances will entail a cost. The client has advised the minimum hardware requirements for running the software per instance.

13. Multi-client

General Costing provided includes up to a maximum of 1 client ID. A higher number of client IDs will entail additional costs.

14. UAT environment:

It is the sole responsibility of the Client and the Broker. The client should validate the functionality and technology with the Broker. DC is not responsible for the Broker(s) technology.

15. Marketing

The Client permits the DC to use generic information about the project and client in its marketing collateral. No IP will be shared by DC.

16. Technical Indicators

It will be coded as per the formula provided by the Client. The values may not match any charting software.

17. Start date

This may vary depending on the current project load and project confirmation date.

18. Refund policy

We do not offer any refund on any subscription, or in any other condition. The company cannot be held liable in a case, including but not limited to technical, trading, or any other concern of the user. The user acknowledges that any transaction made, from live trading to payments, on, by, or through the platform is at his discretion and is fully aware of the risks and features provided.

19. Non-solicitation

The Client agrees not to hire or solicit for employment, consulting, or any other financial interaction any employees who are employed by the DC or who were employed by the DC during the term of this Agreement for two years following delivery of the project without the prior written consent of the DC.

20. Force Majeure

DC shall be excused from delays in project delivery or from failing to deliver the project to the extent that the delays or failures result from causes beyond the reasonable control of the party.

21. Please note that the provided strategy is based on back tested probability data according to the market condition and is for informational purposes only; we do not provide buy/sell recommendations, and users can use the example strategy to develop their own rules. We are not a Wealth Advisor/Portfolio Management Service, or any similar service affiliated to stock markets. UOT Technologies Private limited or Our team cannot be held responsible or liable under any circumstances.  Consult with your financial advisor before taking any investment decisions.

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